We’re taking the baking, cooking and learning into your homes!
With our first-ever Baking Kit, together with your little ones, we’re gonna kick it off with a local fave…. RAINBOW KUEH!

Our nifty little take-home box comprises:
– Step-by-step, bilingual, child-friendly instructions
– Pre-measured, freshly-packed and labelled ingredients
– Appropriately-sized disposable tins to steam the Kueh in

We created our Baking Kit and pieced it together especially for you –
families who crave time & space to engage “food”-fully!
We hope to save you the laborious task of purchasing quality ingredients,
then having to store (or worse, throw!) the excess away,
or needing to trial-and-error amidst the barrage of recipes online.
It is our wish that this project of ours creates good memories, good fun, and good food for the entire family.

Estimated cooking duration: 1 hour
Serves: 6-8 portions (slices)

Collection methods:
– Pick up:
At our premises at Upp Thomson during weekends,
or at Raffles Place MRT every Friday 12.30pm
– Courier:
At additional fee of $6

Our Kit of the Season